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X-chromosome driven speciation through testes-expressed genes: comparative population genomics meets scRNA analysis in primates

Project description

Understanding the X-chromosome driven speciation in primates

Meiotic drive is the ‘selfish expression’ of favoured genes during the formation of single chromosome haploid gametes. It leads to non-adaptive evolutionary change but is counteracted by other genomic elements during spermatogenesis which are governed by forces of selection. The ERC-funded Xspect project aims to verify the hypothesis that this genetic conflict causes the rapid evolution of the X chromosome in primates, which creates reproductive barriers and divergence into different species. To do this, Xspect will trace specific genome expression during spermatogenesis in primates via single-cell RNA sequencing, single transcript staining and immunohistochemical techniques. Ultimately, the project expects to explain meiotic drive processes and the genes involved.


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