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Tracing Queer Citizenship over Time: Ageing, ageism and age-related LGBTI+ politics in Europe

Project description

Bringing to light the shared and untold past of LGBTI+ oppression

To what extent has the EU influenced democratic forces in local political and socio-legal advancements in LGBTI+ rights, narratives and experiences over time? To answer this question, the ERC-funded TRACE project will develop an innovative age-sensitive, analytical research lens. It will study ageing, ageism and age-related LGBTI+ politics. The focus will be on southern Europe (Portugal, Italy, Greece, Malta and Slovenia) and on events demonstrating both progress and backlash over the years and through a variety of challenges – from crimininalisation and the AIDS pandemic and related stigma to current anti-discrimination laws. TRACE will use a multiscale life course approach centred on the life stories of LGBTI+ older adults and gendered/sexed processes of ageing in the context of a rapidly changing Europe.


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Colegio S Jeronimo Praca D Dinis
3000 995 Coimbra

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