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IDEFIX Multiorgan toxicity and efficacy test platform


To address the critical problem of the failure of animal testing to predict drug effects (toxicity and efficacy) in humans, Cherry Biotech develops a breakthrough organ-on-chip/MPS solution based on microfluidic technology. Using human tissue, our IDEFIX technology mimics multiorgan physiology and physiopathology. Our MPS platform aims to be the new standard as an alternative to animal experimentation in preclinical studies. Indeed, our solution succeeds in tackling all major industry bottlenecks: seamless adaptability to current workflows, compatibility with all standard multiwell cell cultures and tissues, as well as full microenvironment control and measure while providing a state-of-the-art reconstruction of complex tissues (vascularisation, immune system, circulating metastasis, multiorgan interconnection). This is now achievable by combining the patent-pending gas mixers technology (FR2109230, TRL-3 coming from H2020-FET-OPEN project ELECTROMED) with Cherry Biotech proprietary microfluidic technologies in gas enrichment and simultaneous liquid flow (EP3712244; FR3094012; US2020299631) and our unique know-how in tissue engineering.
Within the Transition project, the IDEFIX demonstrator will be completed as a modular platform, with stackable modules (gas, flow, temperature, biosensing, microscopy & imaging control), allowing users to customise the platform according to their respective needs and budget. The final qualification will be conducted in relevant environments, with two European pharmaceutical companies and a hospital/research centre using vascularized liver, adipose and breast cancer tissues. We will test our models to predict the efficacy and toxicity of various known molecules and compare them to previous preclinical animal experimentations and clinical results (retrospective study). By the end of this project, the IDEFIX demonstrator will reach TRL-6, be investment-ready/IRL-7, and be prepared for pre-commercialisation to early adopters.


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