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Physical mapping of the short arm of human chromosome 16


The overall aim of the project is to complete, as far as possible, a physical and transcriptional map of the short arm of human chromosome 16. The work will continue to build on the results obtained by other laboratories with whom the participating groups already collaborate. Two additional proposals are outlined here. Both rely on
specialised techniques, and concentrate on one aspect of the mapping process to complement and extend the results beyond the scope of the original proposal, in order to achieve a comprehensive physical and transcriptional map of the short arm of chromosome 16.
The first proposal extends the transcriptional mapping and will use cosmid clones localised to one of 30 intervals of the short arm of chromosome 16 in a concentrated and systematic screening strategy to identify genes. Recently developed methodologies of exon trapping, in combination with direct selection techniques will be used. It is estimated that, on average, one exon will be trapped for each cosmid clone used. These exons will also form the basis for new STS markers which will be used to confirm the physical map.
The second proposal extends the physical mapping and will use modifications of the basic technique of fluorescent in situ
hybridisation (FISH) to order genomic clones within one of 30 defined intervals of the short arm. This will include two colour analysis on metaphase and interphase nuclei, and DNA halo preparations. Clones containing coding regions will also be mapped using these techniques. These additional proposals will increase the number of
participating laboratories to six. By combining our efforts we expect not only to complete a physical map of the short arm of chromosome 16 but also to identify and map many of the genes from the short arm onto this physical map.

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