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Algorithms for CAE Based on Modern Polynomial Methods in Control


The objective of this project is to develop new or improved algorithms for use in computer aided engineering (CAE) tools for linear controller and filter design. Modern polynomial methods have culminated in simple design procedures to be selected according to the particular industrial application. The procedures consist of the solution of various linear and quadratic equations in polynomials and/or polynomial matrices as a basic step of the design. In particular, the special equations for H2 design and robust H-inf. design are frequently employed in computer assisted control engineering and filter synthesis.

The work will progress through three stages:

evaluation and comparison of existing numerical procedures from the application point of view. Minor modifications to meet CAE requirements are expected in many routines. Theoretical research for new algorithms will be necessary only in some cases not solved so far. These belong mainly to the area of H-inf. control, filtering and model reduction.
development of efficient computer program routines for every algorithm. The routines will be written mostly as macros in MATLAB code or, in the case of some frequently used modules, in the language "C".
the programs will be used to test experimentally numerical properties of the particular algorithms such as efficiency and robustness. This will lead to necessary modifications and adjustments until practically workable routines are developed.


University of Twente

7500 AE Enschede

Participants (1)

Czech Academy of Science