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Intellectual multimedia property rights model and terminology for universal reference


IMPRIMATUR has been established to study how to meet the challenge of multimedia rights clearance in networks. The IMPRIMATUR consortium represents the interests of content providers, users, IT and telecoms companies. It brings together European and American participants in a major programme of information-gathering, systems-proving and consensus-building.

The project has two main, related goals. The first goal is to agree a swift and practical response based on a mutual understanding of the problems arising at the interface between lT, telecommunications and IPR concerns. This is to be done within a forum which represents a wide range of organisations in the information industry. The second goal is to identify and develop a set of tools to address those problems in the business, technological, standards and legal areas.

Clearing rights in the multimedia environment is an issue which creates difficulties for both content providers and users. Content providers wish to preserve their traditional rights structure and business models while users wish to have a system of rights clearance that is both simple and cost-effective for the production of new multimedia products. Also involved in the debate are the IT and Telecoms providers whose products and services are both enabling the multimedia revolution and profiting from it.

The IMPRIMATUR project will design a methodology for a series of Special Interest Groups (SIGs) in the business, legal, technical and standards areas that will solicit opinion from a very wide range of players in the information society. The outcomes of the SIG meetings will in turn be passed to a series of major international conferences aimed at building consensus in the four SIG areas. From these activities will emerge a series of reports and recommendations.

In addition to the consensus-building work of the project, an IPR-managed server based on the Tuscany MAN in Italy will be implemented in order to conduct a series of trials and experiments with ECMS (Electronic Copyright Management Systems). The server will also be used by the project partners for their internal communications and for a Worldwide Web site on which will be posted information about the progress of the project, along with announcements of SIG meetings and conferences.

IMPRIMATUR will be working in cooperation with COPEARMS (EP 20460).
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    1 December 1995

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    28 February 1999

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