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Taking the shock out of e-commerce

Most businesses are getting plugged into the Internet. With the considerable benefits offered by global marketing, they are finding it hard to ignore.

Digital Economy

E-Commerce is often impeded by the fact that few companies are compatible with one another in a B-2-B sense. With high costs of establishing interaction and uniformity, cataloguing difficulties and no standard platforms between companies, many find that the big attraction is coming with big problems. PROCAT-GEN has developed a simple solution. Using already existing information systems, PROCAT-GEN standardises them into “catalogues” and therefore, allows for compatibility with other business platforms and permits information exchange and data entries from a broad variety of sources-including web based catalogues. Moreover, PROCAT-GEN initialises a “marketplace”, a common area in which all data is structured in content, made customisable, more attractive, and allows for improved access to both the common marketplace, as well as seamless integration within other e-marketplaces. Suddenly, B-2-B isn't as complex or as fraught with incompatibilities as it previously was, and what used to be a crude wake up call for e-commerce has become a smooth, efficient and reliable businesses tool. The only shock remaining is that pleasant shock of how simple good e-business can be.

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