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Software projects improvement process


Due to ever growing user needs, software development complexity has reached a level where automated tools and methodologies have to be used. Our software development process needs reinforcement especially in the areas of testing and configuration management.

The PIE objectives are part of a larger program of improving our software development processes and practices. The software improvement process, although is a goal by itself, it is initiated by a wider, more important organisational and business goal, of positioning us as a provider of high quality software products.

The experiment will include selecting tools and methodologies for configuration management and testing. The tools and methodologies will be used by the baseline project for 9 months. During this time data will be gathered and the results of the experiment will be evaluated according to this data. Based on the evaluation, changes will be introduced (if necessary) and a plan for assimilation will be developed.

The experiment will be performed at our office on a client/server project of about 15 man years. Onyx Technologies employs 90 full time employees, 70 of them involved in software engineering. 6 as part of the baseline project.

The expected impact includes: increase in customer satisfaction, reduction in the number of defects in the developed products, reduction in human resources needed for maintenance and increase in productivity.

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