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Transformation of healthcare for excellence in strategy information and service


The mission of the THESIS project is to gain competitive advantage, by the transformation of management processes, organisational capability and information services within the healthcare sector. The key themes being the elimination of wasteful bureaucracy, and maximising responsiveness to changing markets. THESIS is driven by the needs of two European Healthcare providers , Teddington Memorial Hospital and Athens Medical Centre, who require transformation of business processes from traditional, profession-led activities to efficient market-led services.

THESIS is built on the results of European and national projects on Business Process re-engineering and adopts the SHINE business process re-engineering methodology as developed and validated under AIM. THESIS compliments other information support projects such as CISP and ESPRIT TBP projects HOCAPRIT and COBRA, which focus only on the clinical business process. In contrast, THESIS focuses on management rather than clinical best practice and as such presents a transferable model for other small-to-medium scale enterprises beyond healthcare.

It is clear that across Europe the rapid political and social changes are resulting in a clear need for the healthcare delivery business to transform into leaner, more responsive small enterprises. What THESIS will provide for the sector are clear examples of best practice in the use of technologies for business process transformation, demonstration of its benefits and a business justification and payback time for the return on capital invested.

Both users have clearly defined their existing business situation and have established strategic goals and objectives, aimed at positioning their organisations to be more efficient, competitive and deliver higher standards of quality. This clear documentation of the present state and strategic targets allows a precise assessment of the user benefits arising from the impact of the transformation process.

THESIS will deliver these results within its two best practice users, showing that a sound methodological and quality-assured implementation of Business Process Re-engineering will deliver benefits in quality, cost and improved process control. The results of THESIS are estimated to deliver a payback for Teddington and Athens Medical Centre within 2 years. The commercial partners anticipate returns on initial investment ranging from 136% to 223% through the commercialisation of THESIS results. The project will include regular monitoring against these targets, along with a full impact analysis at project end, which will provide a sound business case for the adoption of the best practice approach throughout the EU.

Funding Scheme

CSC - Cost-sharing contracts


Teddington Memorial Hospital NHS Trust
Hampton Road
TW11 0JL Teddington
United Kingdom

Participants (6)

Athens Medical Center
Distomou Str. 5-7
15125 Maroussi
C International Ltd
United Kingdom
Sapphire East, Streetsbrook Road 137
B91 1QU Solihull
Emphasis Systems Ae
Pentelis Str. 27
175 64 Athens
Falcon Informatica 90 Srl
Via Del Casale Solaro 119
00143 Roma
International Medical Services Hmc (Israel) Ltd
Herzliya Pituach
46851 7 Ramat-yam
Open Mind Design Limited
United Kingdom
New Road 3
TW8 ONX Brentford