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Training of IST Innovators to promote and support the exploitation of RTD results by starting new IST business


Objective is to support IST project exploitation work by conducting 15 training courses on how to write a winning business plan to start new IST business based on results of IST RTD projects. 150 potential IST business opportunities will be selected out of 1500 contacts and invited to 5-day TRAIN-IT courses. Software and expert supported business plan writing is stimulated by lectures, individual coaching, group discussions. High effort is put in internet-supported follow-up of business plan finalisation including annual workshops. A minimum of 150 IST technologists will be trained, resulting in up to 150 completed business plans, ready to be financed and realised. At least 15 new IST companies will be founded, at best 150, a result to be disseminated via website, print media, and IST conference participation. 94 person-months work is organised in 6 workpackages and conducted by a senior European incubator, including subcontracting of 100 expert days to international renowned high-level speakers and coaches.

Work description:
6 workpackages (WP) are scheduled to realise the objectives of IST Business TRAIN-IT.
In WP1 candidates for the offered training courses are identified by various routes and contacts, including special university information days to foster academic IST entrepreneurship.
In WP2, selection of candidates, course scheduling, and organisation is carried out, comprising candidate application material exchange and personal interaction, evaluation decision on participation based on selection criteria, as well as organisational support of candidates and subcontracted European expert pool.
WP3 concerns the conduction of 15 training courses with true European participation including set-up of course environment and establishment of quality control. Outside experts will be briefed and 5-days of lectures, special sessions with respect to market research, marketing, sales, and financing are conducted including excursions in IPR and legal issues. Individual coaching and group discussions underpins the software-supported business plan writing. The participants are offered 24 hours access to training facilities.
WP4 concentrates on follow-up coaching and mentoring for business plan finalisation by trainers and expert pool. Exchange of draft versions and comments will lead step by step to finalisation. 3 annual follow-up workshops are conducted to trace contact and success follow-up. Support is given in getting access to the VC community.
WP5 is dedicated to dissemination of results comprising website dissemination including database of the new IST business profiles, active participation in 2 European Investment Fora, a 3 years success show at IST 2002 conference as well as publications in journals, and a yearly booklet publication of success stories.
WP6 contains the project management work comprising progress and cost monitoring, cost statement compilation as well as communication and reporting to the EC.

A total of 12 deliverables are scheduled and timely submitted due to professional project management and proven skill and seniority of the single co-ordinator of the proposed accompanying measure IST Business TRAIN-IT.

Three milestones are scheduled:
M1 after one year of course work and follow-up, resulting in 50 draft business plans;
M2 after two years of course work and follow-up, resulting in 100 business plans and first realisations of new IST enterprises;
M3 after three years course work and follow-up, resulting in 150 business plans and realisation of at least 15 new IST enterprises.

A new route towards exploitation of IST projects' results will be established and European-wide disseminated.

Funding Scheme

ACM - Preparatory, accompanying and support measures


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