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Asparagus : integrating research on decline in europe


A network will be formed of EU researchers, consultants and growers that specialises in asparagus, a EU crop valued at 950 million euros per annum. This network will collate, evaluate and document in a database the existing information on the major problem of decline. Decline is the most important pan-EU problem for asparagus growers and makes the crop unprofitable to grow. The factors that cause decline are both biotic (e.g. Fusarium sop.) and biotic (e.g. poor soil conditions, herbicide damage). An integrated strategy to overcome this problem is required. All expertise across the EU and in other countries (Poland and New Zealand) is required to solve this problem. The network will go on to develop unified strategy for reducing or delaying the effects of decline. This information will be made available to growers in a user-friendly form. The network will coordinate future research on asparagus across the EU.

Funding Scheme

CON - Coordination of research actions


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