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Bi-Lateral Research in Digital Global Enterprise Support


Combining European and US knowledge and efforts, the work-group's main goal is to support the development of digital business concepts and systems. A EU-US roadmap of Digital Business, based on the US Integrated Manufacturing Technology Road mapping Initiative (IMTR) will be set up. BRIDGES will bring on-going and upcoming European and US digital business-related RTD projects closer to each other in order to identify collaboration opportunities, mainly in promoting, disseminating and exploiting project results. BRIDGES will then advise and guide the training of industry and of experts on Digital Business topics. Finally, BRIDGES will promote and transfer those results to industry and advise the EU Commission on possible topics for future work on Digital Business and on supporting EU-US co-operation and development within the IST programme.

The objective of the BRIDGES Working Group is to form a forum for the transfer of knowledge on digital business topics between Europe and the US. European and US projects that are concerned with the development of Digital Business solutions will be involved. This forum is intended to stimulate the exchange of information on digital business topics between research centres, industrial enterprises, industrial sectors, projects and programmes of the two sides of the Atlantic. Today, dynamic networked organisations are global. The BRIDGES philosophy will reflect this reality. Working with colleagues in the US and incorporating the emerging standards of the Digital Business in the US will ensure that BRIDGES addresses global needs. The aim of the BRIDGES Working Group is to gather, compare, analyse and exploit the results of relevant Projects of the US and Europe.

Work description:
The activities of the Working Group may be summarised as enriching Digital Business developments and results of the 5th Framework Program, using the US experience, as well as in disseminating European knowledge in the USA. This will enhance a global framework for those two continents on Digital Business topics and create a knowledge pool for the Occident. To increase Digital Business perception and implementation, digital business minded bodies for systems uptake will be identified and collaboration will be carried out. Last but not least it is the objective to support the Commission for defining a digital business vision for the 5th Framework programme.

In order to achieve the objectives, the following work-packages are necessary:
- A work-package "Synergy & Dissemination" (WP1) will create inter-continental co-ordination and assimilation of results in digital business. By identifying digital business trends and selecting most efficient dissemination bodies, promotion and dissemination will be carried out. Technical reports will be prepared for the EU Commission as an input to a digital business vision for the 5th Framework.
- "Road Maps & Trends for Digital Business Topics" (WP2) will develop a roadmap taking a short and longer-term perspective.
- Training and Education will be the subject of WP3.
- The work-package "EU-US Projects Co-operation Support" (WP4) will support EU-US co-operation, an IST clustering action and develop mechanisms for EU-US collaboration for the 5th Framework Programme projects.

The following are selected milestones:
- Recommendations for Digital Business topics to the Commission.
- Achieved Roadmap for Digital Business topics and Trends report.
- Achieved advice for Training & Education for the society and the industry.
- Completed EU-US clustering activities.
- Recommendations to the Commission for EU-US co-operation mechanisms.

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