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Innovative supercritical boilers for near term global markets


To study innovative features of supercritical (SC) pulverised fuel-fired boilers for three distinct designs to provide a firm basis for a demonstration project in China or India. Specific objectives are: to establish the optimum steam cycle for near-term exploitation with minimum risk; to develop three design variants for 600 MWe class SC boilers: traditional vertical boiler spiral wound furnace, vertical boiler with vertical ribbed tube furnace, novel horizontal boiler with vertical ribbed tube furnace; to incorporate novel features in the boiler designs including integrated fuel reborn for NOx control, the latest commercially available materials and improved mechanical details to reduce cost and increase operational flexibility. For the novel horizontal boiler, boiler performance, boiler heat transfer surface details, combustion efficiency and NOx performance will be established. Techno-economic comparison of the boiler designs will be performed.
- A process for direct bonding of silicon wafers; the process was incorporated into a process for production of SOI wafers, and is in use in a pilot production line in Okmetic
- Development of a low-temperature process that allows silicon wafer bonding at 200°C
- Technology for growing and direct bonding of- polycrystalline silicon- epitaxial silicon wafers with a buried etch-stop layer; the results were used to demonstrate multi-layer SOI substrates within the project.


Mitsui Babcock Energy Limited
The Boulevard, 11
RH10 1UX Crawley, West Sussex
United Kingdom

Participants (4)

ENEL Produzione SpA
Andrea Pisano 120
56122 Pisa
Instituto Superior Technico
Av. Rovisco Pais
1049-001 Lisboa
PowerGen UK plc
United Kingdom
53, New Broad Street
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Siemens Aktiengesellschaft
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91058 Erlangen