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Testing a new solution for media management, interactive navigation and information discovery in heterogeneous historical archives


ARCHIVIEW is aimed at validating an original combination of innovative technologies for the management, retrieval, navigation and publishing of documentary content in the archives of historical cities, to fully exploit their potential for education, tourism development and the media industry. ARCHIVIEW will ease the retrieval, analysis and Internet navigation of heterogeneous documents in historical archives and will provide user-friendly authoring mechanisms to glue together thematic document collections in a co-ordinated and coherent picture, meaningful and attractive to non-specialist users. This will ease the barriers preventing user appreciation of archive materials, felt to be a bulk of cryptic and de-contextualised historical scripts, dynamically creating and experiencing itineraries through archive materials that stress the relationship documents bear to the territory and provide a lively background to cultural and historical events.

Work description:
The project will have two main phases, taking place over a nine month period. The first phase will cover an in-depth analysis of user requirements with the support of prototypes; at this time, the project's objectives will be discussed with the final users and formalised in a detailed action plan; co-ordination activities will see the definition of consortium and exploitation agreements and dissemination activities will be started.

In this phase:
- a user context analysis will be performed in order to collect a set of requirements;
- a strategy of early prototyping (paper prototypes, software prototypes, scenario building, storyboarding) will be initiated, based on the confrontation of users with the existing pre-trial software solutions;
- the requirements identified in the first two stages will be integrated in a concept description, detailing general system characteristics, system functions, user interfaces, user support needs, physical and organisational characteristics, usability goals and the approach for installing the system.

During the second phase the envisaged technical solutions will be applied at the user site and tested through technical assessment and usability evaluation activities. The project partners will also be directly involved into information dissemination, business planning and promotion activities.

In detail, the main tasks will cover:
- The acquisition of high-quality digital contents from the Archivio Storico, that will be continued during the trial until a significant reference set is reached;
- The implementation of the tuning and customisation revisions planned for each of the three main components of the ARCHIVIEW technology;
- The deployment of the system and training of the Archive staff;
- The implementation and testing of the access, retrieval, authoring of multimedia content and advanced navigation services;
- The dissemination and promotion of the results obtained by means of the experiment.

M1.1 - Final Report
M2.1 - Trial specification
M3.1 - Solutions operational in user sites
M4.1 - Assessment of solutions performance
M5.1 - Major dissemination event
M5.2 - Deployment plan in Regional Programming
M5.3 - Industrial plan for product deployment.

Funding Scheme

ACM - Preparatory, accompanying and support measures


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09100 Cagliari

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