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The project CLUSTER EUROBSERVER-LEARNET-REJ consists in coordinating the cluster 26 which includes the 3 following ALTENER proposals:
- "Programme LEARNET - Tome 4: " Guide to High environmental quality architecture in Europe";
- " The EurObserv'ER Barometer";
- " Renewable Energy Journal - issues 11 & 12 "

" The EurObserv'ER Barometer";
Prepared by EurObserv'ER, a consortium made up by Observ'ER, OÖ Energiesparverband, EUREC Agency and Eufores, the EurObserv'ER Barometer makes it possible to measure the progression of renewable energies in each member state of the European Union by means of energy, economic and social indicators:
- which are prepared from regularly updated data,
- which reflect as closely as possible the dynamism of the different sectors in Europe,
- and which are distributed in the press (more than 100 citations as of present).

The EurObserv'ER Barometer can be broken down into two types of complementary actions:
- six thematic barometer publications (every two or three months for the period 2001 - 2002) which shall present the most up-to-date view of each sector's energetic, industrial and commercial dynamism;
- one general barometer (at the end of the period ) which shall each make an assessment of the progression of the seven key sectors targeted by the Campaign in the fifteen member states.
This monitoring and support action shall play an active role in the success of the Campaign for Take-off of renewable energy sources, and in a longer term, in the white paper of the European Commission. Since January 2001, the six thematic barometers have been published. The general barometer will be published shortly.

" Programme LEARNET - Tome 4:
" Guide to High environmental quality architecture in Europe";
The Learnet programme consists of publishing a guide to high environmental quality architecture in Europe. Volume 4 "Guide to high environmental quality architecture in Europe" This action is inscribed in the continuity of the Learnet Programme:
- Volume 1: Knowledge of the bases;
- Volume 2: Building with the climate;
- Volume 3: Building in hot climates.

In the same way as the previous volumes, the Guide to High Environmental Quality Architecture in Europe is composed of two elements:
- a 64 page, A5 size, black and white, detachable class text book;
- a set of graphic aids composed of 64 four-colour process, A4 size sheets, which can be reproduced on transparencies.

Short summary of the content:
a - European panorama of high environmental quality;
- architecture, environment and climate;
- European approaches;

- protection of outdoor environment;
- eco-construction;
- eco-management;

- creation of a satisfactory indoor environment;
- comfort;
- health;
- environmental management;
- concerned actors;
- eco-actions.

With 5.000 copies disseminated throughout Europe, this fourth volume of the Learnet Programme is an education, training and information action which will fully participate to the C.T.O success. This volume is now almost finished.

" Renewable Energy Journal - issues 11 & 12 "
The project consists of publishing issue 11 and issue 12 of Renewable Energy Journal (REJ), the journal of renewable energies in the European Union. REJ is published in English and its 20 000 copies are distributed free of charge throughout all of Europe ten issues have already been published since 1994.

As the REJ subtitle, "Targeting 12% in Europe 2010", implies, the objective of this journal is to participate in developing renewable energies in Europe such as it is defined in the European Commission White Paper.

In the current context of the "Campaign for Take-off", REJ:
- accompanies the professionals of the renewable energies sector so that they can develop their activities,
- assures promotion of renewable energies with the general public and potential actors such as owners, political decision makers, industrialists, architects, etc. This is an indispensable condition in order for renewable energies to gain a wider notoriety.

The REJ n11 has been published in November 2001. 20000 copies have been issued and distribution is going on. N°12 will be ready shortly.

Funding Scheme

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