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Sintef multiphase flow laboratory

Sintef multiphase flow laboratory


The SINTEF Multiphase Flow Laboratory (SIMlab) is located in Trondheim, Norway and is the biggest facility of its kind in the World. The facility has so far been used exclusively for contract research for the petroleum industry. This is the first time the facility is made available for independent research groups in Europe. The SIMlab facility was constructed in 1984 to serve the needs of the petroleum industry in developing multiphase flow technology for well and sub sea production systems. SIMlab consist of three parts.

The Large Scale Facility is a 30 Meuro, instrumented flow loop allowing industrial scale multiphase flow research at realistic flow conditions (1000 m long flow line, 55 m high vertical riser, 110 bar design pressure). The Medium Scale Facility (200 m, dense gas at 10 bar for simulation of high pressure flow) operates in connection with the Large Scale Facility and with the Hydrate Laboratory, which includes small-scale flow loops and equipment in a climate controlled facility. The Hydrate laboratory also includes two "infinite" high-pressure loops. The loops, which consist of a 2" and5" pipe respectively, are assembled as closed circular loop that can be rotated at different speeds to simulate transportation of the fluids. The loops can simulate transportation of real hydrocarbon mixtures at pressures up to 200 bar and temperatures ranging from -5 C to 90 C.

EU researchers are invited to submit proposals for research projects at SIMlab. The fields of research at SIMlab is related to many aspects of flow assurance in oil/gas production systems, and include in particular sand management, hydratecontrol and transient multiphase flows. Visiting researchers will benefit from access to the facilities including technical assistance and from other services at both NTNU and at SINTEF (computer center, courses, accommodation). Calls for proposals will be issued two times each year during the three-year period 2000-2002. A selection of projects will be granted access to SIMlab, based on an evaluation made by a selection panel of international referees.

Project Manager:
Kjell Arne Jacobsen, Multiphase FRLOW Laboratory, S.P. Andersens veg 15 b, Trondheim 7465, Norway
Tel: +47-73591100
Fax: +47-73591050
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S.P. Andersens Vei 15 B
7465 Trondheim


Administrative Contact

David LYSNE (Dr.)

Project information

Grant agreement ID: HPRI-CT-1999-00091

  • Start date

    1 March 2000

  • End date

    29 February 2004

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  • Overall budget:

    € 807 700

  • EU contribution

    € 807 700

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