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Methodological Guidelines for the Environmental and Socio Economic Impact Assessment of Off-shore Windfarms in Touristic Areas


-To facilitate the licensing process of offshore windfarms in areas with tourist potential, thereby increasing investor confidence and market penetration;
-To gain understanding of the main concerns and issues perceived by interested parties;
-To propose methodologies for impact assessment on tourism, fishing resources and marine navigation;
-To propose preventive ,mitigation measures and complementary activities with positive synergetic effects;
-To disseminate this guideline within the licensing authorities, the promoters and the scientific community;
-To disseminate the environmental benefits and potential opportunities of offshore windfarm development;
-To speed up the investment in off-shore wind energy in tourist areas by removing non- technological barriers.
"- Development of guidelines that will facilitate the licensing process and reduce the uncertainty among promoters, thereby speeding up the investment decision;
- Data about perception of relevant issues by interested parties and public in sensitive areas;
- Designated web with dissemination capabilities at local, national and European level;
- Dissemination of the environmental benefits and socio-economic implications to key decision makers and investors;
-Promotion of off-shore wind energy for CO2 reduction, and air quality improvement in tourist zones.

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