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New skills for detector development at liverpool physics


In the Department of Physics at the University of Liverpool the nuclear, surface and particle physic groups carry out internationally leading programmes in a large, well equipped and staffed laboratory. The Department hosts the Liverpool Semiconductor Detector Centre which is based around the needs for semiconductor detector systems in research, and is adjoined by the Surface Science Research Centre that provides a focus for wider interdisciplinary and international collaborations. The activities of the research groups are supported by skilled technical staff, including computer support staff, electronic engineers and design engineers. The Department has excellent resources in CAD-based mechanical and electronics design. There is a well equipped mechanical workshop staffed by skilled technicians, recently upgraded. These in-house resources enable the engineering and technical staff to produce the accurate specialized work necessary in leading edge detector technology. The Department have vacancies for three fellowships. The nuclear physics group has expertise in the use of semiconductor detectors but currently lacks expertise required for the development of tracking detectors for ionizing particles. The group is recruiting a Fellow who has experience in the construction of such detectors. In surface science the reflection anisotropy spectrometer group wishes to exploit this capability in collaboration with trained chemists and biochemists. It seeks a Fellow who is trained in advanced chemistry , electrochemistry and biochemistry, preferably operating in the pharmaceutical and post genomic fields. In particle physics, Liverpool enjoys a high profile international reputation for its work on silicon based detector systems. The group is branching into the rapidly expanding field of monolithic active pixel systems, and is seeking a Fellow with the necessary skills to contribute to the microelectronics (ASIC) design effort.

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