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Model checking for mobility


Postdoctoral fellowships in advanced model checking Three Marie-Curie postdoctoral fellowships, each of two years duration, are available within the Department of Computer Science at the University of Liverpool. These fellowships concern refinements of model checking, particularly its application for mobile components. Model checking is a technique whereby descriptions of computational systems can be checked against a logical (temporal ) formula in order to ascertain whether the property captured by that formula holds within the system. The aim of these fellowships is to extend and refine the model checking approach in a number of ways, as follows. DEDUCTIVE MODEL CHECKING, whereby deductive techniques are used to reduce complex problems to a form appropriate for the model checking approach. This is complementary to ongoing work in the Department, where a clausal temporal resolution technique is being developed which, can potentially be combined with model checking. LIGHTWEIGHT MODEL CHECKING, whereby the model checking technique is restricted and a refined sub-class of problems is considered. This is complementary to ongoing work in Department on efficient algorithms and complexity, and will provide a link between this work and that on logical verification. MODEL CHECKING FOR MULTI-AGENT SYSTEMS, whereby model checking techniques are extended to handle logical agent theories. This is complementary to ongoing work in Department, where the logical foundations of multi-agent systems and agent verification techniques are being explored. Competence is sought in a range of areas and so candidates should possess some background in software engineering. In addition, we would encourage applications from those with expertise in logical techniques, multi-agent systems and programming languages. To apply, send a CV, a summary of personal research, and two references to

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