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New enantioselective routes to the carbon-carbon bond using n, n-disubstituted hydrazones


The training will be held in the Organic Chemistry Department (University of Seville. Supervisor: Dr. R. Fernandez,) and in the Bioorganic Chemistry Department of the Institute for Chemical Research (CSIC-University of Seville. Supervisor: Dr. J.M. Lassaletta) . Doctoral positions of 3-12 months duration are offered for postgraduate students being connected to the field of organic synthesis. The general field of study will be the development of new synthetic methodologies for their application to the stereo selective synthesis of biologically or pharmacologically important molecules. It is dealing with innovative synthetic possibilities of aldehyde N,N-dialkylhydrazones from optically pure amines. The research group gathers a long experience in this field, having already developed a new stereo selective nucleophilic formylation and cyanation protocol, as well as a new enantioselective approach for the synthesis of beta-lactams. The laboratories offer good working conditions, with the required research infrastructure, including modern instrumentation and techniques of fine organic chemistry (500 MHz NMR, FTIR, GC-Ms, HPLC) to support the project , as well as a good access to well equipped libraries. The students will become familiar with these tools through the guidance of experienced researchers to assist them. The supervision includes, apart from laboratory training, regular scientific discussions. Adequate training through post-graduate courses organized by the Faculty of Chemistry, conferences, seminars, etc. will be also available to extend their formation. Additionally the fellows will benefit of existing collaborations with several foreign laboratories.


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