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Periodic orbits and dynamical systems


The Dynamical Systems group of Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona invites applications for Marie Curie predoctoral fellowships. The eligibility criteria selection procedure and payment will follow the Marie Curie program rules. Particular attention will be paid to the scientific ability of the PhD student and to the compatibility of his/her research to the experts of our group. The research area of our team is Dynamical Systems, both discrete and continuous, focusing attention on the periodic orbits. Among the topics in which the team is involved, we can quote: characterisation of the set of periods of self-maps on graphs and manifolds, limit cycles of polynomial vector fields, families of periodic orbits of several n-body problems. A supervisor chosen among the 14 established mathematics in our team (Ll. Alstead, J.C.Artes, J.Chavarriga, A.Cima, J.M.Cors, N.Fagella, A.Gasull, A.Guillamon, X.Jarque, J.Llibre, F.Mañosas, R.Martinez, P.Mumbrú, J.Soler) will be assigned to each fellow according to the proximity of the scientific interest. The supervisor will introduce the fellow into specific techniques and recent results in his research area will also suggest tractable questions and provide access to all relevant literature. The fellows will also meet the other mathematicians of the group as well as the researchers visiting the neighbor Centre de Recerca Matemàtica. The duration of the fellowship is negotiable from 3 months to one academic year, However, the expected average stay is 6 months. Interested PhD students should send their curriculum vitae to Jaume Llibre, Departament de Matemàtiques, Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, 08193 Bellaterra, Barcelona, Spain. E-mail:

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