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Aabo akademi process chemistry training site


Aabo Akademi University is located in the city of Turku, in the South-Western Finland at the Baltic Sea with a beautiful archipelago of some 60 000 islands. Turku is a university city of some 200.000 inhabitants and has excellent connections to both Helsinki and Stockholm. Aabo Akademi Process Chemistry Group, AA-PCG, is a National Centre of Excellence in Finland and a leading research centre in Europe in the area of chemistry oriented chemical engineering. The group consists of some 20 senior scientists and professors, some 30 Ph. D. students. The group is well equipped with modern laboratory reactors and instruments. The AA-PCG is studying physico-chemical processes in complex environments of industrial interest, this way aiming at finding novel solutions to industrial processes and products. This approach with the focus on detailed understanding of the process chemistry the group has named Molecular Process Technology. The group offers interesting opportunities in an international research environment with continuo collaboration with many leading industrial companies in Europe. The fellowships will be available within the following four research areas. Some on-going project activities are listed for each of the areas:
Wood and Paper Making Chemistry (Identification and isolation of bioactive extractives from knot wood;
Effects of wood polymers, lipophilic extractives and other impurities on paper quality and the runnability of the paper machine),
Combustion and Materials Chemistry (Biomassfuel characterization for combustion applications;
Modelling of furnaces for optimum design and operation based on computational fluid dynamics (CFD);
Study of ash forming matter in fuels and fuel mixtures and their behaviour in advanced combustion systems;
Development of bioactive glass qualities for medical applications), Kinetics and Catalysis (New zeolite-based catalysts for Nox abatement in car exhaust gases;
Modelling of catalytic three phase reactors;
New catalysts for liquid phase hydrogenation of unsaturated aldehydes) and Process Analytical Chemistry (Novel ion sensors based on electrically conductive polymers;
Sequential injection analysis;
Distribution of charged groups on wood fibres).

Funding Scheme

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Lemminkainengatan 14-18 B
20520 Turku / Abo