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Molecular signature of DNA damage induced stress responses


The Workshop will provide a forum for discussing recent developments in genetic toxicology research as related to occupational, environmental and medical exposure and will present the most up-to-date technological approaches for relating exposure to biological effects. The focus of the workshop will be to characterize, at the molecular and cellular level, the responses of various cell types to treatment with different classes of chemical agents and physical agents (Ionising radiations, UV) employing novel and innovative technologies. It aims to bring together EU and us researchers, regulators and representatives of health advisory bodies. The programme will include sessions covering key aspects of current research with state-of-the-art presentations by invited speakers. The emphasis of this meeting will lie on the latest developments in toxicogenomics approaches, which will be presented and discussed.
Toxicogenomics combines information from studies of genomic-scale mRNA profiling (by micro array analysis), cell-wide or tissue-wide protein profiling (proteomics) ,genetic susceptibility, and computational models for relating exposure to cellular toxicants to biological effects. These approaches will be complemented with high-resolution cytogenetics to gain also chromosomal profiling of different exposures. This Workshop will provide an opportunity for scientists involved in genetic toxicology to present the results of their research and to contribute to the development of new and better methodologies for risk assessment. The Workshop will also provide a forum for representatives of regulatory organisations and industry to discuss their needs. Invited speakers will give overview papers covering key aspects of current work, and research scientists will present state-of-the-art papers or posters. The Proceedings will be published in Mutation Research within a year of the Workshop.

Funding Scheme

ACM - Preparatory, accompanying and support measures


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