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Intelligent technologies- theory and applications (IT-TA)


The main goal is to knowledge exchange between Academia and Industry in the area of Intelligent Technologies and their application in financial domain. The proposal is a continuation of the project started in November 1, 2001 and expected end in May 2002. The new proposal differs from the previous one in focusing to expert and data knowledge. The theoretical contribution to industry will be in the following areas of interests: Neural Networks and various kinds of neural novel technologies, fuzzy logic and its application mainly in simulation of human reasoning and Human Computer interaction, Evolutionary Computations for tasks including optimization and finding optimal or semi-optimal solutions. Also hybrid technologies with the focus of knowledge discovery and data-mining applications will be matter of interest. All activities of Prof. Sincak should support improvement of scientific knowledge of the industrial team for their commercial project and to support their competitiveness on the IT market. The industrial contribution to the theory will the experience with real world data, feedback to the theoretical team with their experience with large amounts of data from financial and insurance domain. Industry will rise questions about implementation of the novel theoretical solutions in new environment of project running in the Siemens, PSE. This would be a continuation of technology transfer University level and education process could be more updated with Real problems and students could be prepared focusing on real world problems. The expected benefit and impact should be in knowledge transfer from Academia to Industry as follows:
1. Know-how improvement of the industrial team in novel approaches in Intel. Technologies
2. Know-how improvement of the industrial team in novel approaches in Expert-Computer Interactions, experience gathering and Data-mining technology
3. Creation of Web-based systematic information for Siemens PSE about the latest novel theoretical novel approaches from theoretical point of view - related to financial applications. The expected benefit and impact should be in technology transfer from Industry to Academia as follows:
1. Experience with solving complex tasks in real projects related to financial domain
2. Experience with building a large software solutions based on Intelligent technologies

Funding Scheme

RGI - Research grants (individual fellowships)


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