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Nonperturbative Effects in QCD: Confinement, Condensates, Phase Structure


Attempts to understand QCD in the nonperturbative regime encounter well-known long-standing difficulties. In recent years a remarkable progress has been achieved along several lines and the teams participating in the project contributed to this development. An important ingredient of this rise is the progress in the lattice simulations and wide use of various analytical as well as numerical tools. However a complete quantitative description of the nonperturbative dynamics is still lacking.

The present project is aimed at a systematic investigation of non perturbative QCD along the following lines:
1. To accomplish a self-consistent picture of various nonperturbative phenomena in QCD by use of the VCM and lattice calculations. To establish connection between the local condensates used in QCD Sum Rules and the non-local condensates of the VCM. This might shed new light on the OPE at large distances;
2. To investigate N=1,2,4 super symmetric gauge theories in terms of local and non-local nonperturbative condensates;
3. To investigate the interconnection between chiral symmetry breaking and confinement by use of effective quark Lagrangian derived from QCD within the VCM;
4. To apply VCM to calculation of static potentials, hadronic spectra, and hadron-hadron scattering both in QCD and related theories (sigma-models, supersymmetric QCD);
5. To investigate nonperturbative effects in QCD at finite temperatures and densities, in particular to study colour superconductivity phenomenon making use of the VCM and the method of exact renormalization group flow.


Universita Pisa
Via Buonarroti 2
56127 Pisa

Participants (5)

Institute of Theoretical and Experimental Physics
Bolshaya Cheremushkinskaya 25
117218 Moscow
Universidad Autonoma de Madrid
Canto Blanco
28049 Madrid
University of Utrecht
Princetonplein 5
3584 CC Utrecht
Universität Heidelberg
Philosophenweg 19
69120 Heidelberg
Uzbekistan National University
700174 Tashkent