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Study of mass exchange processes in multiple porosity media with application to saline water and brine transport in aquifers


The focus of the project will be on interaction between free solution in fractures and solution in the porous matrix. Physical-and-chemical aspects of the problem will be taken into account. The objectives of the project will be follows:
a) to investigate the diffusivity dependencies from salinity and concentration gradient;
b) to study the equilibrium between porous solution and free solution;
c) to estimate the role of osmotic processes in the fractures and rock matrix water interaction;
d) to develop the mathematical models of mass exchange in multiple porosity media;
e) to investigate the dispersivity in multiple porosity media;
f) to elaborate the numerical models of saline water transport for the two key sites.

The project will include an experimental research, theoretical consideration, creation and modification of computer codes, and key sites modelling study.

All the proposed research will be broken down into five task:
T1 - sample collection and field study at the key sites;
T2 - experimental investigations of diffusion and osmotic processes in the porous matrix;
T3 - experimental study of dispersivity in the multiple porosity media;
T4 - development of analytical models and numerical codes for solute transport in the multiple porosity media;
T5 - application of the numerical codes to saline water and brines transport modelling at the key sites.

The main expect scientific results are:
- computer code for 3D numerical simulation of brine transport in multiple porosity media;
- experimental data and mathematical models on osmotic processes in natural rocks;
- experimental data and theoretical model of non-linear dispersion in multiple porosity media;
- experimental data and theoretical models for electrolyte distribution between solution in the fractures and in the rock matrix;
- results of the key site study.


Delft Institute of Technology
Stevinweg 1
2600 GA Delft

Participants (5)

Center for Advanced Studies, Research and Development in Sardinia CRS4
6A Strada Ovest
09010 UTA Z.i. Macchiareddu
Kazan State University
Universitetskaja Ulica,17
420008 Kazan
M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University
Vorobiovy Gory
119899 Moscow
Research Institute of Technology
Industrial Area Of Rit
188537 Sosnovyi Bor
Russian Academy of Sciences
14-Th Line, 29
199178 St. Petersburg