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Interactive graveyard information management tool and virtual memoriam database


Increased mobility within and between EU countries is escalating the need for a standardised graveyard communication system that provides the public with ubiquitous, multilingual access to graveyard information. In Europe there currently exists no tool for the facilitation of effective communication between graveyard operators and the public. This lack of communication seriously affects both the exchange of best practice between these organisations and the public's ability to access important information related to graveyards and their deceased relatives.

The e-MEM project sought to create the foundation for a tool that enables ubiquitous exchange of graveyard and related information over the Internet. It investigated the possibility of a standard template, bringing together the different policies and standards of registering and offering information on the deceased in Europe. The aim was to create one standard applicable to all, regardless of their language, culture and religion, as well as to investigate the relevant business opportunities.

Funding Scheme

DEF - Definition Phase Project


Teikn a Lofti Ltd
Skipagata, 12
600 Akureyri

Participants (3)

Comune di Bologna
Via Oberdan, 24
40126 Bologna
Department of Cultural Heritage Protection
Snipiskiu Str, 3
2600 Vilnius
Foundation of Research & Technology Laboratory for Geophysical
Nikiforou Foka, 130
741 00 Rethymno - Crete