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Organic Matter-Mineral Interaction : Implication on global element cycle and hazardous waste retention

Organic Matter-Mineral Interaction : Implication on global element cycle and hazardous waste retention


In nature, organic matter is long term stabilized by its association with clay minerals. This has a profound influence on the global carbon cycle. Furthermore, interaction of pollutants with clay is highly influenced by the strongly associated natural orga nic matter. Clay is also used as a barrier towards contaminant transport in both engineered systems and in natural clay host rock. Destabilization of the clay organic system results from natural and anthropogenic actions.This project aims to generate funda mental process understanding of the natural organic matter association with natural clay. This basis will be used to predict reliability of long term pollutant retention properties of such systems, especially under engineering disturbed conditions.Influenc e of organic substances on the pollutant mobility depends on (1) the amount and (2) the mobility of soluble organic matter generated from the clay systems, and (3) on the pollutant/organic matter interaction.As well batch as migration experiments will be p erformed. Batch experiments will give an experimental database for the migration studies. The research will focus on clay rocks with a low hydraulic conductivity. Hence, pollutant transport mechanisms will basically be diffusion controlled. Migration expe riments will be performed under alkaline condition (cement corrosion) and will focus on organic colloid generation and fractionation.In order to provide mechanistic understanding, recently developed advanced spectroscopic methods will be used in the host i nstitution other at synchrotron based facilities.The outcome of this project, which is relevant to environmental issues under European Consideration, should also permit to the researcher to enter in his last scientific carrier by working on a profitable ma rket and field in one of the best French research institution involved both in this field and in the development of prominent analyzes techniques necessary for carrying out this project.

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Pascal REILLER (Dr.)

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Grant agreement ID: 12338

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    1 September 2005

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    31 August 2006

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