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Awareness services and systems-towards theory and realisation


Awareness systems are a class of computer mediated communication systems that help individuals or groups build and maintain a peripheral awareness of each other. Current research into awareness systems for leisure and social use is characterized by a proliferation of point solutions that are created by designers or researchers and then handed down to users. Without a way of interpreting and predicting the success or failure of such systems in providing value to their users, this process tend to be an ineffective and expensive way of addressing users needs that stifles innovation, and fails to exploit the potential of awareness systems as a driver for connecting people.

The project will explore awareness systems supporting the concept of pervasive awareness, i.e. where awareness information is automatically generated as a result of personal and home devices capturing and exchanging information about the user semi-autonomously. The ASTRA project has a theoretical and a technology development goal. ASTRA shall create a theoretical account of the benefits these systems can provide, addressing the shortcomings of current media theories in interpreting, predicting and even helping attain the acceptance of awareness systems for informal social communication. It will also create an experimental infrastructure: A service oriented architecture and tools for enabling end-user communities to create their own awareness systems and services.

The project shall support, facilitate and analyze the process of innovation driven by end-user communities who will act as designers and programmers of their own awareness services. In doing so, awareness systems can be made to fit the idiosyncratic needs of different communities, relevant to their own particular life-styles, culture and communication needs.

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