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Beam Stability in Modern Light Sources via Frequency Map Analysis


Advanced non-linear dynamics methods such as the frequency map analysis have proved very efficient in improving the performance of modern accelerators. In particular, the correction of the inherent high chromaticity in extremely low emittance lattices in modern light sources necessitates high sextupole fields, which significantly reduce the dynamic aperture. In these cases, classical dynamics approaches based on leading order perturbation theory are insufficient. The purpose of this research project is to employ the power of recently developed methods of non-linear Hamiltonian dynamics in order to understand the beam stability limitations in modern light sources.

The ultimate outcome will be to provide advanced solutions for correcting the detrimental effect o f the non-linearities thus increasing their dynamic aperture. The expertise gathered by the Astronomy and non-linear dynamics group of the IMCEE in applied non-linear dynamical systems provides an ideal environment for the implementation of the proposed research project. The link between theory, simulations and the operating performance of a real machine will be assured by the application of these methods in data retrieved from experiments performed in the ESRF storage ring. Dr. Skokos is a young scientist who already has a wide background and experience in non-linear dynamics by developing and applying new methods for the study of chaotic behaviour in Hamiltonian systems.

In particular, he has introduced the SALI index as a tool of stability analysis, for the distinction of regular from chaotic motion in conservative dynamical systems of arbitrary dimension. This knowledge will be complemented by the collaboration with the team headed by Dr. Laskar who developed among others, the frequency map analysis method. Furthermore, this multi-disciplinary project will diversify Dr. Skokos expertise, giving him an opportunity to build his research profile in the "state of the art" methods of accelerator dynamics research.

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Grant agreement ID: 25678

  • Start date

    1 February 2006

  • End date

    31 January 2008

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