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Search for steady and transient sources of high-energy cosmic neutrinos with IceCube and ANTARES


With his project, the candidate proposes to utilise the currently most sensitive neutrino telescopes in the Southern and Northern hemispheres, IceCube and ANTARES, to search for the sources of high-energy cosmic neutrinos.

Their identification and analysis will establish a break-through in understanding the production and acceleration mechanisms of high-energy cosmic rays - currently one of the major open questions in astroparticle physics

The candidate applies for an outgoing Marie Curie Fellowship with the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a return phase with the University of Erlangen. Both host groups play leading roles in the field of astroparticle physics, in particular with neutrino telescopes.

The research group at the outgoing host is a leading member of the IceCube collaboration that is currently constructing the IceCube neutrino telescope at the South Pole, the cubic-kilometre successor to the successful AMANDA detector.

The research group at the University of Erlangen participates in the ANTA RES collaboration currently installing the ANTARES detector in the Mediterranean Sea and is coordinating the KM3NeT Design Study for a future cubic-kilometre-scale detector in the Mediterranean Sea. In this OIF proposal the applicant proposes to spend 24 months with the IceCube group at Madison.

In this period, he will first gain experience in the identification and reconstruction of neutrinos in the IceCube data, which he will then adapt and apply to search for steady and transient sources of cosmic high-energy neutrinos. The results will be of unprecedented significance in testing models of neutrino production and cosmic acceleration mechanisms.

In his 12-month return phase, the acquired knowledge will allow the candidate to play a leading role in the analysis of the ANTARES data and in the crucial phase of the KM3NeT Design Study. The return host group, and with it the European KM3NeT community, will significantly profit from this knowledge transfer.




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Grant agreement ID: 39706

  • Start date

    1 December 2006

  • End date

    30 November 2009

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