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Reconstituting citizens: Public involvement as enactment of issue entanglement


This research project addresses challenges to dialogic, procedural understandings of citizen involvement in the politics of science and technology, by elaborating a pragmatic conception of such involvement. Focusing on citizen involvement in climate change, its main objective is to develop an advanced understanding of such projects as enactments of actors' entanglement in issues.

A second aim of the project is the analysis of the formative role played by information technologies in enabling the performance o f citizenship (as pragmatically reconceptualised). Finally, the citizen involvement projects that are studied, along with the role of IT therein, will be subjected to realistic evaluation, focusing on the facilitation of relevant civic engagement.

To achieve these goals, the project begins by evaluating criticisms of dialogic, procedural approaches to public participation in political theory, and by exploring how constructivist studies of science, society and democracy help to address these. On this basis, the project develops the issue-oriented conception of citizen involvement, underpinning this elaboration by detailed empirical research. With the aid of Web analysis and fieldwork, studies will be conducted of specific citizen involvement projects concerned with climate change. The analysis will pay particular attention to the function of socio-technological formats (e.g. blogs, communications initiatives) in facilitating the performance of citizenship in this respect.

The project will allow the applicant to complete her expertise by enhancing her skills in conducting empirical research on citizen involvement. As a researcher with extensive experience in social and political theory and Web analysis, the addition of these skills constitutes an important contribution to her professional development. As the project elaborates a crucial recent innovation in an emerging European research field, it will contribute significantly to international co-operation.

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