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Anthropogenic Impacts on the Atlantic marine Ecosystems of the Iberian Peninsula


The present proposal is for transnational mobility for an experienced UK-based academic to be located in Vigo in the less favoured region of Galicia (NW Spain) for 3 years, hosted by the Centro Oceanográfico de Vigo (Instituto Español de Oceanografia). The applicant will carry out a program of research on anthropogenic impacts on populations of marine species on the Galician continental shelf, making use of existing data and research programmes from IEO and other institutes in the area, integrating the activities of PhD students who will be trained under the programme.

The applicant will aim to supervise around 5 PhD students as well as delivering specialized research training courses and a series of seminars and lectures open to a wider audience. The proposed training draws on the applicant's wide research and teaching experience, including 10 years experience as Programme Co-ordinator and lecturer on the University of Aberdeen's MSc degree programme in Marine& Fisheries Science. The proposed programme involves links with the University of Vigo and other marine research institutes in the area with the aim of establishing long-term commitment to developing graduate training in marine sciences in Vigo.

The proposed research involves a series of related PhD projects focused on Galician coastal waters, each suitable for a PhD student, including:
(a) long-term trends in resource species abundance and the role of external drivers such as climate change and fishing pressure,
(b) how different types of coastal system respond to different fishery management options,
(c) how changes in prey abundance may impact on top predators in Galician waters, (d) understanding marine mammal interactions with fisheries and
(e) modelling fisher behaviour. All will contribute toward understanding how different components of marine ecosystems respond to perturbations and to sustainable exploitation of living marine resources.

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