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Gender mainstreaming European transport research and policies; building the knowledge basis and mapping good practices

Gender mainstreaming European transport research and policies; building the knowledge basis and mapping good practices


Proposal abstract The SSA is intended to work up the knowledge base for future research and interventions in the FP7 by linking gender mainstreaming and the thematic area of transport. The aim is to develop gender mainstreaming in the field of transport as a research strategic and political approach and make it more sustainable and complying with overall EU aims of promoting equality between men and women in all its activities.

Gender mainstreaming the thematic area of transport implies a focus on the following questions:
-How can mainstreaming goals be ensured in relation to planning, production and decision-making processes in relation to transport?
-How can gender mainstreaming be linked to current goals of greening and smarting the European transport systems?
-How does gendered access and use of transport system affect the overall European goals of enhancing employment and competitiveness?

The SSA will help to support the FP7 goal of transport benefiting the citizen and society in a broad and democratic sense and for the overall goal of enhancing sustainable developments and respect for the environment. The SSA meets the need for clarification and identification of new areas where gender specific actions might be taken. The SSA also fills out a gap in current European research strategic initiatives, where evaluations, assessments and actions are missing in the vital area of transport.

The activities consist in both mapping of existing research as well as assessments of policy strategies, based on an expert workshop. All in all the SSA will act as kick off point for future interventions and interdisciplinary research networks. It will clarify and put into perspective current EU research programmes and equality policies and will provide the knowledge base for gender mainstreaming of future transport research that will qualify both areas.

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Hilda Roemer CHRISTENSEN (Phd)

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Grant agreement ID: 36774

  • Start date

    1 October 2006

  • End date

    30 September 2007

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    € 160 211

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    € 160 211

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