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Electron Holography of magnetic and ferroelectric Nanoparticles arrays


Electron Holography is attracting increasing interest as a method of material characterization by using Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM), because it has various applications. These applications include: evaluation of magnetic and ferro-electric domains, imaging of the 3D shape of nano-structures, and dopant profiling in semiconductors.

The required attachment for electron holography was introduced into our TEM and our first steps were obtained with the cooperation of Prof. Lichte from Dresden University, a leader of the field. In this TOK (Transfer of Knowledge) program we intend to establish the method at Tel Aviv University by studying arrays of magnetic and ferroelectric nano particles. Such unique samples prepared by Dr. Gil Markovich from the School of Chemistry are of interest for both reasons:

- In the field of nanoscale ferromagnetic and ferroelectric materials there is a need for a technique that will be able to image the magnetization or electric polarization with nanoscale resolution. Electron holography has this capability and has many advantages over competitor techniques such as scanning probe microscopies. Together with temperature control of the sample, it would be an excellent tool to follow the dynamics of magnetization/electric polarization switching on the time scales of seconds or longer, and thus unprecedented information about the magnetic/electric dipole configurations in thin films of ferromagnetic/ferroelectric nanocrystalline arrays will be obtained.

- Due to the nanometer scale of the systems, they represent a challenge, as the electron holography method should be pushed to its limiting capability of detection. While the majority of the work will be carried out at Tel Aviv University, by European post doctorate fellowships with relevant background, the "state of the art" work will be obtained in collaboration with the group from Dresden.

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