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Tackling the future challenges in Systems Biology

Tackling the future challenges in Systems Biology


The emerging field of Systems Biology is anticipated to have a major impact on the biosciences, moving biology from a phenomenological to a predictive science. Such predictive ability should allow to accurately foresee the outcome of therapeutic interventions with individual patients or to optimise industrial bioprocesses more precisely than has been possible before. Therefore, the results of Systems Biology are expected to have major impact on treatment and diagnosing diseases, health care and the bio-industries. Developing the research field and ensuring exploitation of its results therefore is of major social and economic interest for the European Union. The overall objective of FutureSysBio is to spur and structure the discussion on the development of Systems Biology and thereby provide guidance to stakeholders and scientists. Specifically, the objectives of this project are: (1) To gather and update the research community on latest developments in Systems Biology. (2) To inform and guide funding organisations. (3) To inform and guide pharmaceutical and bio-industries in Europe on developments and opportunities in Systems Biology and thereby enable well-informed corporate decisions. (4) To inform and guide higher education and education funders of challenges and opportunities in interdisciplinary education and training. (5) To inform the media, policy makers and the general public of opportunities, challenges and facts in Systems Biology. To achieve these goals the consortium will organise the following highly visible events: (1) The International Conference on Systems Biology ICSB2008 in Gothenburg. (2) The International Conference on Systems Biology ICSB2010 in Edinburgh or Barcelona. (3) Six high-level expert workshops. (4) Two high-level topical conferences. Different types of dissemination activities tailored for the target audiences will ensure the significant impact that FutureBioSys plans to make on the future development of Systems Biology.
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    1 August 2008

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    31 January 2012

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