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Radar Imaging: Challenges And New Approaches

Radar Imaging: Challenges And New Approaches


RADAR imaging sounders for electromagnetic detection, such as Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR), or Through Wall Radar (TWR), constitute privileged solutions for the remote detection of objects, structures or sediments, and even persons under or behind any surface. Their utility has been demonstrated in geophysical applications, explosive mine detection, construction, agriculture, homeland security, law enforcements, surveillance, etc. The improvement in RADAR imaging systems cannot be undertaken without solving previously known technological challenges. It becomes essential, in the first place, to determine the electromagnetic behaviour for the usual materials disposed between the sounder and the objectives targets, based on its spectral signature, in order to correctly design a reliable detection system. Once determined this behaviour, a research field is opened for the optimization of these systems and their different components and subsystems. The following step is the design of transmitting and receiving antennas adapted to the characteristics of the elements to detect. Also there is place for the research of other aspects of the sounding, like the optimization of the transmitted signal, alternative receiver schemes, and the processing algorithm of the received signal. In this later aspect, there exists the possibility of deepening in solutions based on radioelectric images formation techniques. Also, the real-time condition, desirable for systems working in actual situations, drive us to look for implementation options based on DSP and/or FPGA based systems. ASIC integration, and VLSI design cannot be forgotten as technological watch and monitoring objective. A radar imaging prototype will be built oriented to GPR and TWR applications, and several field trials will be conducted to test its performance in actual and controlled environments. All of these questions are targets to develop in the present project.
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Manuel Garcia Sanchez (Dr.)

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    1 June 2009

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    30 November 2011

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