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Visindavaka 2009

Visindavaka 2009


Researchers play a vital role in society during these times, when Europe is undergoing one of the most serious economic recession in decades. This is especially true for Iceland, which was one of the first countries to be hit hard by the crisis. A number of well educated people have lost their jobs in all sectors of the economy and rebuilding may take several years.
Innovation and job creation based on research and development must play a crucial role in the restructuring of economy and now there is more need and opportunity than ever to highlight the benefits of research in all areas and encourage young people to embark on research careers.

The 2009 Researchers’ Night in Iceland will contribute towards enhancing visibility of research, the role of researchers and their contribution to society, highlight the European dimension of R&D activities and encourage young people to embark on careers in research. In 2009 emphasis will laid on the importance of research and development for innovation and job creation and more enterprises will be involved in project activities than in recent years. Efforts will be made to stimulate creative thinking and entrepreneurship among young people through various activities. The expected impact of this proposal is a better public understanding and support for science and research that may prove to be an important contribution in bringing forward the Icelandic and European economies based on research, innovation and job creation.
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Borgartuni 30
105 Reykjavik


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Public bodies (excluding Research Organisations and Secondary or Higher Education Establishments)

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€ 36 000

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Adalheidur Jonsdottir (Ms.)

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Grant agreement ID: 245052


Closed project

  • Start date

    1 June 2009

  • End date

    31 December 2009

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    € 80 634

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    € 36 000

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