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EUROPRACTICE CAD and IC Service for European universities and research institutes

Desde 2010-04-01 hasta 2011-12-31, proyecto cerrado | EUROPRACTICE IC5 Sitio web

Detalles del proyecto

Coste total:

EUR 2 927 421

Aportación de la UE:

EUR 1 850 000

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Convocatoria de propuestas:

FP7-ICT-2009-5See other projects for this call

Régimen de financiación:

CSA - Coordination and support action


The EUROPRACTICE IC Service brings ASIC design and manufacturing capability within the technical and financial reach of any company that wishes to use ASICs.

EUROPRACTICE offers low cost prototyping fabrication for the IC and MEMS designs developed by the European universities and research institutes. Through EUROPRACTICE they have access to the most advanced IC technologies (90nm (2008), 65nm (2009) – 40nm scheduled for 2010) from the most renowned foundries in the world like TSMC (the foundry nr.1) and UMC (the  foundry nr.2). It is important that students are trained in technologies from these foundries as the majority of fabless companies and design houses in Europe are making use of these technologies in their IC design for future products. Additionally EUROPRACTICE is offering, on a fully end-user funded basis, access to prototyping and initial volume fabrication to more than 150 fabless companies, startups and small companies in Europe. Through the funding by the EC in the frame of the EUROPRACTICE project it has been possible to reduce the prices of prototyping for European academia in the most advanced technologies to acceptable levels that academia can afford (<a href="mailto:mini@sic">mini@sic</a> concept + funding). As such the universities and research centers can have small IC and MEMS designs prototyped at pricing levels of 1000 € for 0.35&mu;-like CMOS to 7,000 € for advanced 90nm CMOS mixed-signal RF technologies. When it comes to innovation as one of the pillars to stimulate the economy and compete with the new growing Far-East economy such as China (where they buy most modern equipment), it is absolutely a must that the students are well-educated in most modern IC design flows and technologies. From discussions with top leading European Academia it is absolutely necessary that they have access to the most advanced technologies such as 65nm and 40nm CMOS for their research and paper presentations on world-class conferences such as ESSCIRC in Europe and ISSCC in USA.


This project is to continue the current EUROPRACTICE IC4 Service.
The current EUROPRACTICE IC4 Service project, part of the 7th Framework and ending on 31 December 2010, is widely recognized as a world-leading service offering state-of-the-art CAD tools and microelectronics-based technologies to universities and industry. Today, through the EC funding of the EUROPRACTICE IC4 project, 650 European Academia (550 universities and 100 research centers) have access to this Service. Continuation of this project is considered indispensable as universities need to be able to renew their annual CAD licenses for continuing support of their research and training courses and need to get further IC prototyping services. In order to avoid a gap (waiting for the next call – possibly in 2011), this proposal is submitted now. As the budget for CSA activities in Call 5 is limited, the proposal covers only 1 year of full operation (2011).
The objectives are offering access to CAD tools for training and research, and access to advanced IC and MEMS technologies for prototyping.
As a broker, EUROPRACTICE negotiates low cost conditions with the most popular industry-standard CAD vendors for educational use and non-commercial research within the 650 European Academia. EUROPRACTICE has negotiated with several IC and MEMS foundries agreements to buy or share low cost MPW (Multi Project Wafer) runs in order to offer low cost prototype possibilities to universities and research institutes. New advanced technologies, such as 65nm and 40nm CMOS will be added to the portfolio of technologies as soon as those technologies become available and affordable.
Also discussions are going on with other European "service" providers, initiated by EC funded projects, in order to make them available on a wider European scale to the existing network of 650 European Academia. As such, the IC service will be further extended with prototyping possibilities in selected MEMS-like technologies

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