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Accurate Real-time Tracking in LHC Full Events


The goal of my project is Fast Tracker (FTK), a proposed upgrade to the current ATLAS trigger. Atlas is an experiment located at the CERN’s Large Hadron Collider (LHC), for proton 14-TeV collision studies. As the LHC luminosity will ramp up to the design level of 10^(34) cm^(-2) s^(-1) and beyond, the high rates, multiplicities, and particle energies in the detectors will pose a unique challenge. Only a tiny fraction of the produced collisions can be stored on tape and immense real-time data reduction is needed. An effective trigger system must maintain high trigger efficiencies for the interesting physics, and at the same time suppress the enormous QCD background. This requires massive computing power to minimize the online execution time of complex algorithms. A multi-level trigger is an effective solution for an otherwise impossible problem. FTK will operate at full low trigger level output rates (100 kHz) and provide high quality tracks reconstructed over the entire detector by the start of processing of the high level trigger filters. The FTK processor uses FPGA and ASIC chips to implement real-time complex track reconstruction algorithms. The 3D track's trajectories are reconstructed with almost offline quality. The system design is optimized for high-Pt trigger objects: b-jets, tau-jets, and isolated leptons. It is particularly important for the 3rd-generation fermions (b and tau) selection increasing the ATLAS discovery capability (even more at the higher instantaneous luminosity of the LHC upgrade, Super LHC). The goal of my fellow is to build and test an FTK prototype to be parasitically integrated in the ATLAS data acquisition system (TDAQ), learning the important hardware features of both Atlas TDAQ and FTK processor. At the same time I will analyze the first LHC data to measure directly on real events the FTK impact on physics. My parallel work on trigger and data analysis will help to optimize the FTK functionality.
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Ghirelli Maria Teresa (Ms.)

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    19 October 2010

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    18 October 2013

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