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Functional Supramolecular Networks on Surfaces

Functional Supramolecular Networks on Surfaces


FUNSURF is an interdisciplinary research project which lies at a natural meeting point between chemistry, physics, materials science and nanotechnology. The project will enable a bright young scientist with an impressive track record to gain a high level of cross-disciplinary training in diverse new aspects of supramolecular self-assembly and reactivity, scanning probe microscopy, photochemistry and optical spectroscopy. The training-through-research basis of FUNSURF focuses on the design, synthesis and characterisation of functional supramolecular networks on surfaces. Many of the structures produced by supramolecular self-assembly display high levels of spatial order making it an ideal method for producing the next generation of functional nanostructured devices. In addition to producing novel, high impact science this project gives the researcher the opportunity to work in an internationally recognised group at a host organisation which provides excellent postgraduate training in both scientific and complementary professional skills. FUNSURF will produce molecular architectures which can be activated by external stimuli to perform specific functions. These include, switching on or off adsorption sites in a network via optically induced changes in molecular configuration and initiating localised chemical reactions. Alongside this the development of Tip-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy (TERS) will provide a chemically specific characterisation tool with nanoscale resolution. The researcher’s background makes him perfectly suited to achieving these objectives, while the experience of new research disciplines will allow him to cultivate the broad range of skills key to driving new scientific developments in this area. This combination of training and interdisciplinary experience is essential in assuring the researcher attains an independent position at the forefront of future research efforts.
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Higher or Secondary Education Establishments

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€ 159 100

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Stijn Delauré (Dr.)

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Grant agreement ID: 254009


Closed project

  • Start date

    1 September 2010

  • End date

    31 August 2012

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    € 159 100

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    € 159 100

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