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Electroweak Symmetry Breaking, Flavor and Dark
Matter: One Solution for Three Mysteries

Final Report Summary - DAMESYFLA (Electroweak Symmetry Breaking, Flavor and DarkMatter: One Solution for Three Mysteries)

Many fundamental questions on the structure and composition of our Universe remain unanswered: the generation of the masses of the fundamental particles, the duplication of the lepton and quark families, the origin of matter-antimatter asymmetry, the nature of the Dark matter, the dynamics induced by general relativity at very large and very small distances.
Although a real breakthrough was not found, a solid and relevant progress in our understanding of all these questions has been achieved, with the development of original models with composite Higgs, models for lepton masses and mixings and to explain the nature of the dark matter. The predictions of these theories have been tested using the most recent experimental results, obtaining significant constraints on the possible acceptable models.