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pi-Electronic Gel Hybrids: Towards Smart
Photoactive Nanomaterials


"GELBRID is a 3-year project aiming at the preparation and extensive characterization of advanced gel hybrid materials. Three basic strategies will be addressed: (i) peptide-substituted linear pi-conjugated molecules to be gelated and (ii) used as scaffolds for the hybridization with inorganic nanoparticles and for (iii) noncovalent functionalization of graphene through self-assembly. The final target is (iv) a new gel hybrid system that, combining the above 3 strategies, incorporates their outstanding structural and electronic properties. The intrinsic features of the materials fabricated will make them attractive in applicative areas such as advanced nanomaterials, light harvesting, and solar energy conversion. The applicant has a seven-year research experience acquired in world class laboratories in India and Japan and will bring to Europe his expertise in the fields of design, synthesis, self-assembly and gelation of organic molecules as well as in the preparation of hybrid nanomaterials. The host institution (CNR, Italy) will offer him an internationally recognized expertise in the area of advanced physical characterization, supramolecular chemistry, and photosciences. The mutual transfer of knowledge will allow to gather the intellectual and infrastructural critical mass needed to reach the ambitious goal of preparing fully characterized unprecedented organic-inorganic hybrid gel nanomaterials fabricated through self-assembly. The original concepts elaborated in GELBRID are expected to have a noticeable impact in materials science, also thanks to their potential in solar conversion technologies that are currently growing at an impressive pace. The one-year return phase to India is intended to be an instrument to reinforce the scientific cooperation between India and Europe, also taking advantage of an already existing network of collaboration between the host institution and a number of big companies, SME and academic institutions all across the continent."

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Piazzale Aldo Moro 7
00185 Roma
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Research Organisations
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Roberto Zamboni (Dr.)