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Increasing Value and Flow in the Marine Biodiscovery Pipeline
ID: 312184
Anfangsdatum: 2012-10-01, Enddatum: 2017-03-31
The PharmaSea project focuses on obstacles in marine biodiscovery research, development and commercialization and brings together a broad interdisciplinary team of academic and industry researchers and specialists to address and overcome these. The partners are ideally placed...
Programme: FP7-KBBE
Record Number: 104338
Last updated on: 2016-08-22
Ensuring the Integrity of the European food chain
ID: 613688
Anfangsdatum: 2014-01-01, Enddatum: 2018-12-31
Food Integrity “the state of being whole, entire, or undiminished or in perfect condition”. Providing assurance to consumers and other stakeholders about the safety, authenticity and quality of European food (integrity) is of prime importance in adding value to the European A...
Programme: FP7-KBBE
Record Number: 110951
Last updated on: 2018-01-03
Multipurpose hemp for industrial bioproducts and biomass
ID: 311849
Anfangsdatum: 2012-09-01, Enddatum: 2017-02-28
Hemp is a sustainable high yielding crop well adapted to most European conditions, with advantageous environmental and agronomical characteristics. Traditionally cultivated for the fibres, seeds and psychoactive substances, it is now considered an ideal crop to produce innova...
Programme: FP7-KBBE
Record Number: 104295
Last updated on: 2017-12-11
3to4: Converting C3 to C4 photosynthesis for sustainable agriculture
ID: 289582
Anfangsdatum: 2012-01-01, Enddatum: 2016-12-31
Most plants use the C3 pathway of photosynthesis that is compromised by gross inefficiencies in CO2 fixation. However, some plants use a super-charged photosynthetic mechanism called C4 photosynthesis. The C4 pathway is used by the most productive vegetation and crops on Eart...
Programme: FP7-KBBE
Record Number: 101753
Last updated on: 2017-12-11
Innovative model and demonstration based water management for resource efficiency in integrated multitrophic agriculture and aquaculture systems
ID: 619137
Anfangsdatum: 2014-01-01, Enddatum: 2018-06-30
The objective of INAPRO is to mobilise industry, member states and stakeholders to promote a new and innovative technical and technological approach right up to an Aquaponic system which allows a nearly emission free sustainable production and contributes remarkably to global...
Record Number: 111413
Last updated on: 2018-01-03
Enhancing biomass production from marginal lands with perennial grasses
ID: 289461
Anfangsdatum: 2011-10-01, Enddatum: 2015-09-30
Perennial grasses, which once established can be harvested and re-grow annually for many decades, have a number of other beneficial characteristics which suit them as biomass crops. These include high resource use efficiency, high productivity, good environmental qualities an...
Programme: FP7-KBBE
Record Number: 101133
Last updated on: 2017-12-11
Optimizing Miscanthus Biomass Production - OPTIMISC
ID: 289159
Anfangsdatum: 2011-10-01, Enddatum: 2016-03-31
Miscanthus is a C4 perennial rhizomatous grass that has become a leading candidate crop for production of lignocellulosic feedstocks due to its rapid biomass accumulation in temperate climates. There is currently a single commercial clone, M. x giganteus, which has a number o...
Programme: FP7-KBBE
Record Number: 101300
Last updated on: 2017-12-11
Optimization of Perennial Grasses for Biomass Production
ID: 289642
Anfangsdatum: 2011-10-01, Enddatum: 2015-09-30
OPTIMA will integrate an ambitious biology system approach for perennial grasses such as switchgrass, miscanthus and giant reed in the Mediterranean environment. Moreover the perennial species cardoon, which has been proven to be particularly adapted to the Mediterranean clim...
Programme: FP7-KBBE
Record Number: 101188
Last updated on: 2018-01-03
Coordination of International Research Cooperation on soil CArbon Sequestration in Agriculture
ID: 774378
Anfangsdatum: 2017-11-01, Enddatum: 2020-10-31
Targeting ambitious changes in agricultural practices that would preserve restore and enhance soil carbon and soil health requires an increased coordination of international research cooperation. The specific challenge lies in the identification, implementation and...
Programme: H2020-EU.
Record Number: 212416
Last updated on: 2017-10-31
Urban Nature Labs
[PROJEKT] UNALAB - Urban Nature Labs
ID: 730052
Anfangsdatum: 2017-06-01, Enddatum: 2022-05-31
UNaLab will develop, via co-creation with stakeholders and implementation of ‘living lab’ demonstration areas, a robust evidence base and European framework of innovative, replicable, and locally-attuned nature-based solutions to enhance the climate and water resilience of...
Programme: H2020-EU.
Record Number: 210510
Last updated on: 2017-07-12
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