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ID: 1540
Anfangsdatum: 1985-01-01, Enddatum: 1987-01-01
The objectives of this project were to: 1.Set up an intrinsic gettering (IG) process for wafers with medium to high oxygen concentration. The process was to have been independent of the type (porn) of the substrate and able to produce a highly defective bulk region and a defe...
Programme: FP1-ESPRIT 1
Record Number: 8532
Last updated on: 1992-12-08
[PROJEKT] PAVE - PCTE and VMS Environment
ID: 1526
Anfangsdatum: 1986-11-03, Enddatum: 1989-11-03
The aim of the PAVE project was to encourage existing VAX/VMS users to use the PCTE, thereby increasing the acceptance of the PCTE as a standard in Europe. The main objective is to develop a number of software components, each completing a usable system, with the following fu...
Programme: FP1-ESPRIT 1
Record Number: 8476
Last updated on: 1992-11-24
ID: 870
Anfangsdatum: 1986-07-01, Enddatum: 1989-07-01
Many of the established methods known at the beginning of the project for testing point-to-point optical fibre links were ineffective when applied to complex topologies. The objectives of TALON were to improve this situation by investigating methods and, if possible, specifyin...
Programme: FP1-ESPRIT 1
Record Number: 8635
Last updated on: 1992-10-29
ID: 1630
Anfangsdatum: 1985-01-01, Enddatum: 1989-05-01
The overall aim of OSSAD was to develop, implement and validate a problem-oriented office system analysis and design methodology using a formal office language to help users and manufacturers to specify and implement a computer-based Office Support System(OSS) and to meet the ...
Programme: FP1-ESPRIT 1
Record Number: 8660
Last updated on: 1994-01-21
ID: 878
Anfangsdatum: 1985-12-20, Enddatum: 1990-12-20
PROMINAND is an integrated approach for supporting cooperative office work. The approach was based on a concept of office worker-influenced migration of office processes and a novel panel display device. A supportive human factors analysis and evaluation to optimise office wor...
Programme: FP1-ESPRIT 1
Record Number: 8634
Last updated on: 1992-11-30
ID: 1485
Anfangsdatum: 1984-11-01, Enddatum: 1987-11-01
The objective of the SEDOS project was to define formal description techniques and support tools for the development and implementation of OSI protocols and services and, more generally, of open distributed systems. Two formal languages were defined: ESTELLE (based on a machi...
Programme: FP1-ESPRIT 1
Record Number: 8398
Last updated on: 1992-11-24
ID: 1493
Anfangsdatum: 1985-02-01, Enddatum: 1988-02-01
The GENEDIS project aimed to develop and implement a demonstrator prototype of an imaging system which is capable of producing a form of 2.5-D sketch directly. This sketch, in which image intensity was to be related to range, was intended to be in one-to-one pixel corresponden...
Programme: FP1-ESPRIT 1
Record Number: 8411
Last updated on: 1992-11-24
ID: 1520
Anfangsdatum: 1987-10-13, Enddatum: 1991-10-13
The objective of ALF is to create an operating framework for third generation, integrated project support environments by developing the required software infrastructure. ALF can be seen as a continuation of the PCTE and PACT projects. It is based on the ECMA standard platfor...
Programme: FP1-ESPRIT 1
Record Number: 8478
Last updated on: 1992-12-10
ID: 1632
Anfangsdatum: 1984-11-01, Enddatum: 1987-11-01
HERODE dealt with the design, prototype development and demonstration of cooperative tools for the handling of mixed text/image/voice documents in future office systems. The work was based on the Office Document Architecture (ODA), which supports both the logical and the layou...
Programme: FP1-ESPRIT 1
Record Number: 8664
Last updated on: 1992-11-24
ID: 1252
Anfangsdatum: 1986-04-08, Enddatum: 1987-04-08
The objective of AMADEUS was to define a unified conceptual model semantically rich enough to describe specifications derived from any of the leading development methods. This would provide a basis for the integration of the wide range of existing and well-understood tools and...
Programme: FP1-ESPRIT 1
Record Number: 8468
Last updated on: 1992-11-25
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