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Higher Education Leading to ENgineering And scientific careers
ID: 230376
Anfangsdatum: 2009-04-01, Enddatum: 2011-09-30
Women participation in engineering occupations appears as a key-issue for European economical and technical development, as well as a central achievement towards gender equality and social justice. Many studies have identified gender-mainstreaming measures in engineering educ...
Programme: FP7-SIS
Record Number: 90198
Last updated on: 2017-05-25
ID: 217755
Anfangsdatum: 2008-02-01, Enddatum: 2010-06-30
Transnational exchange of experiences and dissemination of best practices can constitute an important supporting element in the work should provide the SiS NCPs, at the same time contributing to the realisation of the concept of the Science in Society. The experiences of the ...
Programme: FP7-SIS
Record Number: 89366
Last updated on: 2017-05-25
Involving Transnational Communities - Civil Society Forum on Conflicts
ID: 210615
Anfangsdatum: 2008-04-01, Enddatum: 2011-03-31
INFOCON is the unique result of extensive consultations and discussions between members of civil society and leading scholars in various disciplines. These consultations have been synthesised into the objectives of the proposed project. The overall objective of the project is...
Programme: FP7-SSH
Record Number: 89497
Last updated on: 2017-05-30
A single multi-purpose SOA platform that delivers environmental permissions services through the cloud of e-Government services and applications
ID: 297358
Anfangsdatum: 2012-04-01, Enddatum: 2014-03-31
The Aarhus Convention (1998) established that sustainable development can be achieved only through the involvement of all stakeholders. It linked government accountability with environmental protection and focused on interactions between the public and public authorities in a...
Programme: CIP
Record Number: 191928
Last updated on: 2017-04-25
Trans-national co-operation among National Contact Points for Socio-economic sciences and the Humanities
ID: 217152
Anfangsdatum: 2008-02-01, Enddatum: 2011-01-31
A strong and efficient Network of National Contacts Points (NCP) is not only elementary to the success of the Seventh EU Framework Programme but also to the realization of the European Research Area. The trans-national project “NET4SOCIETY” will strive to achieve this declare...
Programme: FP7-SSH
Record Number: 88425
Last updated on: 2017-05-30
[PROJEKT] EAwareness - Europeana Awareness
ID: 297261
Anfangsdatum: 2012-01-01, Enddatum: 2014-12-31
Europeana Awareness is a Best Practice Network, led by the Europeana Foundation, designed to:•\tpublicise Europeana to users, policy makers, politicians and cultural heritage organisations in every Member State so as to encourage the use and contribution of content, raise awa...
Programme: CIP
Record Number: 191917
Last updated on: 2017-04-25
Media, Conflict and Democratisation
ID: 613370
Anfangsdatum: 2014-02-01, Enddatum: 2017-01-31
The project ‘Media, Conflict and Democratisation’ investigates the role of traditional media and ICTs in conflicts that accompany and follow transitions to democracy. Our research focuses on three major arenas of contentious politics in emerging democracies: constitutional co...
Programme: FP7-SSH
Record Number: 111240
Last updated on: 2017-01-30
An ambulatory BCI-driven tremor suppression system based on functional electrical stimulation
ID: 224051
Anfangsdatum: 2008-09-01, Enddatum: 2011-08-31
Tremor is the most common movement disorder and it is strongly increasing in incidence and prevalence with ageing. More than 65% of the population with upper limb tremor presents serious difficulties in performing activities of daily living (ADL). Tremor is not life-threateni...
Programme: FP7-ICT
Record Number: 87753
Last updated on: 2017-04-13
Improving capacity of Jordanian Research in Integrated Renewable Energy and Water supply
ID: 266579
Anfangsdatum: 2010-11-01, Enddatum: 2014-04-30
The objective of the JoRIEW project is to reinforce the cooperation capacities of Jordanian research centres by promoting closer scientific collaboration with a number of ERA located research centres and universities. The JoRIEW project will help structure and enhance S&T coo...
Programme: FP7-INCO
Record Number: 96757
Last updated on: 2017-05-26
ID: 270981
Anfangsdatum: 2011-01-01, Enddatum: 2013-12-31
The BECA (Balanced European Conservation Approach – ICT services for resource saving in social housing) project addresses the need to reduce energy consumption in European social housing by a very significant amount to meet overall emission reduction targets. To substantially...
Programme: CIP
Record Number: 191895
Last updated on: 2017-04-25
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