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Final Report Summary - CLUSTERPLAST (Inter-cluster initiative to target the future challenges for the European polymer converting industry)
The European Polymer Converting Industry (EPCI) is one of the major European industries. However, it is facing a huge international competition coming from both, low labour cost regions with increasing innovation ambitions and high developed countries which are massively inves...
Programme: FP7-REGIONS
Record Number: 230839
Last updated on: 2018-06-01
Final Report Summary - IREGIONS (Internet-based and mobile technologies for regions in the net economy)
The penetration of the Internet to virtually all spheres of life leads to a new form of society and of economy: the Net Society and Net Economy. New needs and challenges have emerged for research, business and industry: The iRegions project addressed those challenges within...
Programme: FP7-REGIONS
Record Number: 196601
Last updated on: 2017-03-29
Final Report Summary - INTRAREGIO (Towards an Intermodal Transport Network through innovative research-driven clusters in Regions of organised and competitive knowledge)
Executive Summary:Transport is fundamental to our economy and society. Mobility is vital for the internal market and for the quality of life of citizens as they enjoy their freedom to travel. Transport enables economic growth and job creation, but to make better use of...
Programme: FP7-REGIONS
Record Number: 181729
Last updated on: 2016-03-31
Final Report Summary - SOCOOL@EU (Sustainable Organisation between Clusters Of Optimised Logistics @ Europe)
The project SoCool@EU (Sustainable Organisation between Clusters Of Optimised Logistics @ Europe) aims to create an open European platform of excellence in the area of supply chain management and logistics in connection with hubs and gateways. Its purpose is...
Programme: FP7-REGIONS
Record Number: 177551
Last updated on: 2016-02-15
Final Report Summary - THE ISSUE (Traffic- Health- Environment. Intelligent  Solutions Sustaining Urban Economies)
Executive Summary:THE ISSUE (Transport, Health and Environment: Intelligent Solutions Sustaining Urban Economies) Project was a three year “Coordination & Support Action” that received funding through the EU’s Seventh Framework Programme “Regions of Knowledge”...
Programme: FP7-REGIONS
Record Number: 174123
Last updated on: 2016-01-06
Final Report Summary - CARE (Clean Aerospace Regions)
Green technologies are key competitive advantages of future air transport systems. Being aware of the importance to seize those trends, to ensure the competitiveness of their local actors, European regions have to carefully orientate their RTD funding in...
Programme: FP7-REGIONS
Record Number: 173360
Last updated on: 2015-11-27
Periodic Report Summary 2 - LOG4GREEN (Transport Clusters Development and Implementation Measures of a Six-Region Strategic Joint Action Plan for Knowledge-based Regional Innovation)
Project Context and Objectives:The LOG4GREEN activities concentrated around 4 defined objectives in the Transport/Logistics sector and aimed at boosting regional competitiveness and growth: (1) to strengthen integrative research, (2) to foster interregional knowledge exchange...
Programme: FP7-REGIONS
Record Number: 173419
Last updated on: 2015-11-25
Final Report Summary - ELMO`S (Electromobility solutions for cities  and regions)
By developing sustainable Electromobility Solutions (ELMO’s) for cities and regions, the project aims to promote electromobility concepts and the implementation of more sustainable transport. Novel knowledge exchange concepts and cross-border joint actions...
Programme: FP7-REGIONS
Record Number: 169227
Last updated on: 2015-08-11
Periodic Report Summary 2 - S_LIFE (European Synergies and Co-operation for Sustainable vehicle along the Life-Cycle)
The Transport Industry has been facing worldwide major environmental challenges among which the sustainable use and management of natural resources and wastes. The path to better resource efficiency is challenged by several hurdles and it is...
Programme: FP7-REGIONS
Record Number: 168218
Last updated on: 2015-07-23
Final Report Summary - SAGE (Safe and green road vehicles)
Executive Summary:The SAGE partnership consists of five regional research driven automotive clusters in Västra Götaland (SE), Paris/Normandy (FR), Regensburg (DE), Piemonte (IT) and Warsaw (PO). The goal of SAGE is to strengthen European competitiveness in the road vehicle...
Programme: FP7-REGIONS
Record Number: 168335
Last updated on: 2015-07-16
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