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ID: 503
Start date: 1983-04-21, End date: 1986-04-20
To reflect the extended scope of the research work within the third round, the title of the Action was amended to "Powder Based Materials". The main objectives of the COST Action 503 are : the organisation of European R&D activities in the field of advanced powder metallurgy ...
Programme: IC-COST
Record Number: 18753
Last updated on: 2001-01-17
ID: 849
Start date: 2001-02-13, End date: 2006-03-21
A. BACKGROUND A.1. Importance Parasitic plants are becoming a severe constraints to Mediterranean and Tropical agriculture on major crops and the efficacy of available means to control them is minimal. By far the most economically damaging parasitic weeds are members of the ge...
Programme: IC-COST
Record Number: 69378
Last updated on: 2003-03-05
ID: D7
Start date: 1992-09-14, End date: 1997-09-13
The objectives for COST D7 focus on the understanding of the non-covalent interactions that lie at the origin of the specificity observed in molecular recognition phenomena in both biological and non-biological systems; on the structural study of these supramolecular systems; ...
Programme: IC-COST
Record Number: 21814
Last updated on: 2001-01-17
ID: 2161
Start date: 1991-03-07, End date: 1995-03-06
To develop techniques for using synoptic ionospheric sounding information taken from existing measuring equipment to generate models of the European ionosphere needed to estimate propagation effects on HF telecommunication systems. The aim was to formulate for COST 238 agreed ...
Programme: IC-COST
Record Number: 20078
Last updated on: 1994-04-20
ID: 2119
Start date: 1990-06-28, End date: 1999-06-27
The Action was developed to study phenomena related to the industrial heat treatment of food, in particular with respect to the selective inactivation of enzymes and micro-organisms; to the degradation of unwanted chemical components; to allow optimisation of the heating proce...
Programme: IC-COST
Record Number: 16786
Last updated on: 1994-04-20
ID: 226
Start date: 1990-02-22, End date: 1994-02-21
Summary of objectives Carrying out research in the area of integration of terrestrial closed and public networks by transparent and future intelligent satellites (with on-board switching and processing), taking into account the relevant earth segment. Study of problems of i...
Programme: IC-COST
Record Number: 16769
Last updated on: 2000-01-16
ID: B2
Start date: 1988-09-16, End date: 1993-09-15
COST B2's specific objectives, which are based on computerised nuclear medical systems, are the following : -to develop quality assurance procedures and create organ-based software phantoms with databases, data acquisition standards, etc.; -to create procedures for evaluatio...
Programme: IC-COST
Record Number: 16760
Last updated on: 2000-01-28
ID: A2
Start date: 1991-09-18, End date: 1994-09-17
The main objective of the Action was to bring about a scientific understanding of current migration problems in different parts of Europe and to provide the decision makers and the public with the information necessary for present and future decisions on many important and dif...
Programme: IC-COST
Record Number: 20077
Last updated on: 1994-04-20
ID: 2238
Start date: 1993-05-19, End date: 1997-05-18
COST 615 Action "Database, Monitoring and Modelling of Urban Air Pollution" forms, together with COST 616, COST 617 and COST 618, the COST CITAIR Programme "Science and Research for Better Air in European Cities". COST 615 has following objectives: to develop a sound base for ...
Programme: IC-COST
Record Number: 21910
Last updated on: 2003-03-05
ID: D6
Start date: 1992-09-10, End date: 1997-09-09
The main objective for COST D6 can be summarised as the "Investigation of the opportunities offered by the application of process technologies under extreme or unusual conditions for highly reactive and selective methods in chemical transformations". It aims at possible applic...
Programme: IC-COST
Record Number: 21813
Last updated on: 2001-01-17
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