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ID: EV5V0020
Start date: 1992-10-01, End date: 1994-03-31
The goal is to continue European arctic stratospheric research after the European Arctic Stratospheric Ozone Experiment (EASOE) which took place from November 1991 to March 1992, but the research will be conducted on a smaller scale than in EASOE. The strategy is to obtain con...
Programme: FP3-ENV 1C
Record Number: 4671
Last updated on: 1995-05-05
ID: EV5V0202
Start date: 1993-01-01, End date: 1995-10-31
i) To provide quantitative estimates of short-term health effects of air pollution, taking into consideration interactions between different pollutants and between pollutants and other environmental factors. This objective will be realized with the use of a very extensive data...
Programme: FP3-ENV 1C
Record Number: 5514
Last updated on: 1995-05-12
ID: EV5V0221
Start date: 1993-03-01, End date: 1996-08-31
The objective of the study is to investigate the effects on human health of occupational exposure to petroleum fuels. With this aim, the occurrence of genetic damage in blood cells and the mortality in exposed populations are analyzed.
Programme: FP3-ENV 1C
Record Number: 5508
Last updated on: 1995-10-09
ID: EV5V0355
Start date: 1994-01-01, End date: 1996-06-30
The primary aim of this programme is the study of stratospheric aerosol and PSCs by means of lidar and backscattersondes. Simultaneous lidar measurements and ozone soundings will allow a statistical study of the correlation between aerosol and PSC dynamics and ozone depletion ...
Programme: FP3-ENV 1C
Record Number: 21486
Last updated on: 1995-03-23
ID: EV5V0231
Start date: 1993-01-01, End date: 1995-12-31
The process from wood - pulp - paper consumer is to a large degree closed. The cooking chemicals are recycled to 99%, the modern chemical pulp mill is energy-self-sufficient from biofuel and the paper products can be recycled, composted or used as energy. Not in any case is th...
Programme: FP3-ENV 1C
Record Number: 5543
Last updated on: 1995-03-23
ID: EV5V0275
Start date: 1993-10-01, End date: 1996-12-31
To develop the basis for two sets of guidelines in relation to fires in chemical warehouses: guidelines for the safety engineers to be used in accident prevention, and guidelines for the fire brigade to be used if an accident nevertheless occurs. The guidelines will be the out...
Programme: FP3-ENV 1C
Record Number: 6054
Last updated on: 1995-11-06
ID: EV5V0185
Start date: 1993-03-01, End date: 1995-10-31
The primary objective of the project is to examine how institutional arrangements can be designed for the development and implementation of cooperative solutions to transboundary environmental problems. The study seeks to link decision structures and processes at the national ...
Programme: FP3-ENV 1C
Record Number: 5524
Last updated on: 1995-06-26
ID: EV5V0220
Start date: 1993-01-01, End date: 1995-06-30
i) Development and standardization of epidemiological methods to document the relationship between short-term changes in exposure to air pollution and short-term changes in the health status of children with chronic respiratory symptoms. ii) A test of the feasibility of these ...
Programme: FP3-ENV 1C
Record Number: 5510
Last updated on: 1995-12-14
ID: EV5V0500
Start date: 1994-08-01, End date: 1996-10-31
To describe the natural variability of climate, both temperature and precipitation (or precipitation-related) variables, over various parts of northern Eurasia for periods up to 2000 years before present.
Programme: FP3-ENV 1C
Record Number: 27157
Last updated on: 1995-06-14
ID: EV5V0250
Start date: 1993-09-01, End date: 1995-08-31
To determine a set of generalised rules for isolating and dealing with well-performing biodegraders, that can be applied by environmental engineers and researchers.
Programme: FP3-ENV 1C
Record Number: 5935
Last updated on: 1995-05-22
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