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ID: TR./00153/94
Start date: 1994-08-01, End date: 1998-06-30
Demonstrate the viability of integrating hybrid electric city buses into existing urban transportation environments. To use an innovative, modular designed, low floor city bus, a high efficiency hybrid/electric power unit and new approaches to fast charging and energy load lev...
Programme: ENG-THERMIE 1
Record Number: 45292
Last updated on: 1999-10-21
ID: TR./00017/94
Start date: 1994-07-18, End date: 1998-06-30
The deployment of a demonstration project in the city of Dordrecht using advanced design full-length low floor midibuses in the city-centre, in association with integrated traffic management measures to improve the overall efficiency and attractivity of public transport. The i...
Programme: ENG-THERMIE 1
Record Number: 45290
Last updated on: 1999-10-21
ID: SE./00113/93
Start date: 1993-11-01, End date: 1996-12-31
To study the consumption and energy management for intermittent and seasonal loads for cattle and agricultural farms. To profilerate the use of stand-alone pv power for agricultural cooperatives.
Programme: ENG-THERMIE 1
Record Number: 21855
Last updated on: 1999-10-21
ID: GE./00200/94
Start date: 1994-09-01, End date: 1997-05-31
The aim of the project is to realise the re-casing of a corroded well with a sleeve of a sole length upper than 1000 m and made of composite materials polymerised in-situ. The particularity of the project consists in postponing the sleeve polymerisation after having introduced...
Programme: ENG-THERMIE 1
Record Number: 24919
Last updated on: 1999-10-21
ID: SF./03002/93
Start date: 1996-01-01, End date: 1997-06-30
The aim of the project is to demonstrate the performance and availability of a ceramic filter plant that incorporates all the main features of a commercial size filter (same modules, same arrangement) so that it can be directly escalated by only increasing the number of module...
Programme: ENG-THERMIE 1
Record Number: 24848
Last updated on: 1999-10-21
Research was carried out in order to increase steam pressure for a steam cycle, based on a waste-to-energy-plant, avoiding the normal negative effect of high speed corrosion. In the demonstration plant the pyrolysis unit is fed with loosely cut straw. The pyrolyser is a specia...
Programme: ENG-THERMIE 1
Record Number: 19334
Last updated on: 1998-01-29
[REPORT SUMMARY] dGB-GDI software portfolio
dGB-GDI is a general purpose, highly flexible, quantitative interpretation software system for seismic lateral prediction, seismic patern analysis and rockphysical/petrophysical analysis. The system consists of modules which are organised according to functionality into 6 menu...
Programme: ENG-THERMIE 1
Record Number: 19317
Last updated on: 2001-07-06
Over 95% of offshore oil and gas platforms are steel structures founded on driven open-ended steel pipe piles. To economize on structural costs and on installation costs the number of piles is reduced as much as possible, requiring piles with very high load bearing capacities....
Programme: ENG-THERMIE 1
Record Number: 19320
Last updated on: 1998-01-15
A state-of-the-art software package was developed for seismic inversion, based on the innovative algorithms. The Delsi software has been released in modules, each of which is part of a new generation of seismic processing methods: the DELPHI Scheme. The first three modules are...
Programme: ENG-THERMIE 1
Record Number: 19316
Last updated on: 1998-01-13
Research was carried out on the use of agricultural wastes to feed a lime kiln, using new technologies in order to save energy, reduce ground and underground pollution from agricultural wastes and recycle exhaust gases in order to improve working parameters and expand the life...
Programme: ENG-THERMIE 1
Record Number: 19337
Last updated on: 1998-01-27
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